Training and Application Learning Services

At Tech Go Round we invest in our clients' training on the use of our applications, as technology evolution demands new practices in project design and construction. In collaboration with the Institute of Bentley Systems and through our innovative product support programs, users get free access to unlimited training seminars, for every manufacture category and for every specialty.

We carefully design each educational product, in accordance with the technological developments and requirements of both our projects and clients, utilizing the experience and expertise of mechanical and technical scientists in the field, in order to transfer knowledge and educational material, which enhances and improves your efficiency. All courses include the relevant educational material and are accompanied by the appropriate certification of attendance and training to participants in all training seminars we offer.

Choose one of the following training seminars or contact us to design together a training program that suits your needs.

  • OpenFlows products basic training (on site & remote).
  • OpenFlows products advanced training (on site & remote).
  • Water network hydraulic simulation.
  • Water network segmentation in District Metered Areas (DMAs).
  • Pressure Management.
  • Economic Annual Real Losses (EARL) calculation.
  • Implementation of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) reduction strategies.
  • Full Water Cost calculation.
  • Water quality modeling (chlorine residual, water age).
  • Leakage detection through modeling and real time data.
  • Finding optimal network locations to measure water quality parameters.
  • Finding optimal network locations for hydro-turbines installation.
  • Βασική εκπαίδευση Σχεδιαστικής Πλατφόρμας MicroStation
  • Κτηριακός Σχεδιασμός OpenBuildings