Integrate multiple scientific sectors - from architects to electrical, mechanical and civil engineers - in order to successfully design, analyze, construct and manage buildings of all types and scales. Effectively communicates design intent, with deliverables rich in information, and increases productivity by bridging barriers between teams. With OpenBuildings software, you can deliver high-performance sustainable buildings faster and easier.

OpenBuildings Designer

Design, analyze, document and visualize buildings of any size, shape and complexity with OpenBuildings Designer (formerly AECOsim Building Designer) faster and with more confidence. Communicate design intent effectively and bridge barriers between industries and geographically distributed teams.

OpenBuildings Speedikon

Improve your workflow, throughout the main design, structural design and construction documentation process, for new and existing industrial facilities. From airports, hospitals, factories, integrate your design, plans, reports and data with full capabilities, as it will change the way you design industrial facilities.

OpenBuildings Station Designer

Design, analyze, visualize and simulate train and subway stations of any size, shape and complexity. Improve the quality of design by optimizing the functional layout of the station building and the pedestrian path. Create pedestrian simulation scenarios to improve the design quality and functionality of your station.

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