At its core Bentley Systems is a software development company that supports the professional needs of those responsible for the creation and management of global infrastructure, including highways, airports, skyscrapers, industrial parks and power plants, as well as utility networks. Bentley offers lifelong solutions to the resources and assets of a project, tailored to the needs of individual professions - engineers, architects, designers, contractors, manufacturers, IT managers, operators and maintenance engineers - who will manage those resources and will be employed during the lifetime of a project. Consisting of sophisticated applications and services, built on open architecture platforms, each solution is designed to ensure the flow of information between scheduled processes and workgroups, while maintaining interoperability and collaboration.

     Bentley's commitment to our user community extends beyond the supply of the most integrated and developed applications. It combines our products with excellent service and support. Access to 24/7 continuous technical support, to a worldwide professional service organization and to continuous education through online seminars, product use courses and academic programs, determines our commitment to existing and future generations of professionals.

     With the wide range of products, the dynamic global presence and decisive focus of our commitment to the industry professionals, Bentley is much more than a software development company. We are committed operating members of the global infrastructure community. Our successes are determined by the experience, dedication and involvement of Bentley's dedicated international staff.

     Since 1984, Bentley employs more than 3,500 employees in over 170 countries, generates over 700 million annual turnover, and since 2008 has invested over $ 1 billion in corporate research, development and acquisition programs.