The ever-increasing needs of infrastructure projects require the adoption of applications and procedures that allow continuous monitoring and management of construction projects, from the time of conception and throughout their life time. Understanding the needs of these projects, Tech Go Round stands next to engineers and companies studying and developing infrastructures, proposing the best solutions for their best and most efficient implementation.

With the guarantee of the name of Bentley International, which has been developing IT applications for all branches of Engineering since 1984, we are able to meet any requirements for the study, development and construction of infrastructure projects.

MicroStation Platform

MicroStation is one of the first and most complete international CAD design platforms to produce all types of design in the field of Applied Engineering. The MicroStation product family provides the traditional CAD design capabilities, power and flexibility for precise viewing, modeling, documentation, visualization, at rich in information of all types, 2D and 3D designs, and for any size of infrastructure projects, at which engineers and professionals of the industry are employed.


An integrated design program that combines multiple branches of engineering such as architecture, statics, electromechanical systems and energy efficiency of building installations. With OpenBuildings products you can design, analyze, construct and manage buildings of all types and sizes. Effectively share design and study information for your projects and increase your productivity by building bridges of collaboration between your teams. Take advantage of OpenBuildings' capabilities and create modern, bioclimatic buildings faster and easier.


Thousands of users around the world apply the numerical modeling capabilities of the Bentley OpenFlows product range to a wide range of water projects, such as: 1. Planning and design of water supply, sewage and stormwater systems. 2. Operation and maintenance of water supply, sewerage and rainwater systems. 3. Assessment of flood risks in urban, riverside and coastal systems.


Trustfully design any type of structure and share synchronized model data between your design team in a comprehensive set of applications. Complete the structure of your steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, cold rolled steel, or any other material, structures timely and economically, regardless of the complexity of the construction. Design confidently your building structures, following all standardization standards, as STAAD uses over 90 international codes and reduces the need for your team to learn multiple software applications. Increase your design productivity with improved workflows to reduce design repetition and eliminate potential mistakes.