Infrastructure and Construction Applications

As an architect or engineer, you need your projects to be delivered on time, with the highest quality and at the lowest possible cost. Whether you belong to a small or medium-sized business or manage large companies, you need equipment to ensure your partners's efficiency, your workgroups enhancement, and your undivided work collaboration with project managers. Regardless of your role in the implementation of a project and the type of files you handle, we are able to provide your business with the modeling and planning solutions needed to successfully complete your work.

You can customize Bentley's list of applications to any type of construction project, including building and industrial installations, floating and submarine construction, utilities, rail, road networks and more. Our modeling capabilities combine design analysis, visualization and construction performance of your plannigs, supporting most categories of professions, such as architects, civil engineers, topographers, cartographers, geologists, engineers, electricians, electronics, plumbers, and more. Whatever your project, our solutions help you deliver the best results. Solutions that can be provided by our hosting and cloud services, enhancing your effectiveness.

Take advantage of Bentley's workgroup content management, project supervision and scheduling suggestions and improve your efficiency by getting a better picture of the consistency and flow of your projects as well as by following your business's specifications and procedures.

Bridging Design and Analysis

Effective bridge layout, design and analysis solutions that meet the needs of your projects.

Building Design and Analysis

Building planning and analysis applications, which greatly improve BIM information modeling processes, to better manage these projects and resources.

Hydroelectric Dam Design Solutions

Solutions for modeling infrastructure, machinery and static dam calculations, which improve the management of construction information, for more efficient implementation and monitoring of project resources.

Design and Analysis of Industrial Facilities

Industrial plant design and analysis applications to improve design quality, information integrity and control of industrial processes.

Railway Network Design

Design and layout solutions for rail network, rail signaling and electrification of rail networks.

Design and Analysis of Road Networks

Applications to enhance design, improve efficiency, avoid unnecessary costs and delays for each road and transport project.

Design and Configuration of the Environment

Evaluate space shaping alternatives using imaging data, aerial photos, spot clouds, maps, and digital models.

Design and Analysis of Water Treatment Facilities

Applications for planning and design of processing plants, which improve the efficient design and delivery of your projects more quickly.

Team Collaboration and Project Supervision

Advanced applications for better project supervision and direct collaboration of project working groups.